Thursday, May 17, 2012

Twitter and Pinterest

Twitter has been the It social media site of the internet for roughly the past two years. When Twitter arrived on the scene there was little competition in the way of social networks. There was Facebook of course and while they were dominating in what they did (and still do) the niche that they fill is more of a online gathering place of people to share photos and have conversations with one another. While Twitter is slightly similar the way that it is set up and its uniqueness are what have allowed it to beome so popular.
Twitter has basically been on the top, or at least top two of all social media for the last two years. And we all know that two years is an eternity for social media, and in fact, all online web presences. But the times, they are a changin! There is a new network in town and it is challenging the reign of the little blue bird. That network, and the surprising way that it is competing , make up the rest of the topic of this article. You know the new kid on the block, and if you don't (pardon my rhyme) you're living under a rock. The network is, of course..Pinterest.
Pinterest and Twitter
Pinterest is a photo sharing site very similar to that of Flickr. What makes Pinterest different? I believe that it is the option to follow others and also follow their feeds. It is somewhat of a combination of Flickr and Twitter. Pinterest has really blown up over the last few months, and may be making the fellows and the ladies at TWitter just a bit nervous. It would take a vast power and millions upon millions abandoning Twitter completely for Pinterest to really cause any harm to the social media giant. I see this as extremely unlikely; however, you just never know in the social media scene.
The fact is that there is no way to predict whether one, neither, or both of these are going to be around for the long haul. The best thing for you to do as an aspiring search engine dominating webmaster, is to use to their absolute fullest potential. Twitter has withstood the test of time and not missed a beat. In fact it only appears to be getting stronger. Pinterest is new but is rising quickly in popularity, much the same way that Twitter did a few years ago. Hitch your wagons to both of these as much as possible, you could always use the exposure and you never know how domination in one can shoot your site or business straight to the top until you find out firsthand.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finding Followers

Twitter followers are a tricky little business. Its important, but you really shouldn't plan your whole life around them. It is going to take time to acquire a really nice Twitter following. People are on Twitter twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, but they don't all follow others. It can be difficult to weed out the non-followers to find the followers. Whenever you are trying to find actual people who will follow you, it is important to find the related ones first. You will be surprised at how often this first batch of related followers will lead to many more!
When you have some free time, just hop on your Twitter account and do some searching. Type in some different keywords and see what comes up! Remember to only follow a reasonable amount of people each day, and to always follow those that follow you! You may even want to purchase some software to help you out. I am not an advocate of using software, so you will not catch me recommending one to you, but I do believe that most of the popular ones will keep track of your follower to following ratio for you.
If you are patient, and vigilant then a wildly popular Twitter profile is in your future. Remember when all else fails, feel free to visit our homepage for the real answer to the question how to get more followers on Twitter. We will be waiting to serve you and all your Twitter follower and Twitter profile needs.
Followers - By definition, the word followers is when other people want to go where you go, and know what you know. It means that those people want to know what you think about certain topics, and where stand on specific issues. To be followed is to be admired. When you are in a position like this, or when you are trying to get to a position like this, you need to create content that is becoming of someone who people want to follow. This is the absolute most effective way to obtain the highest amount of followers possible on Twitter, or any internet site, or in life in general.

Engaging Content = Followers

Engaging content is the cornerstone of any how to get more followers on Twitter strategy in any genre of the internet. Content generation is not only an important part of a campaign designed to get more followers, but it is incredibly necessary in the new age of Google. The recent updates to the Google algorithm have supposedly made it even more essential to absolutely cover your website with one hundred percent unique content. So if you are spending time and money on creating unique content, then why not use a little more energy to make all your content as engaging as possibe?

Shrink Your Stomach

There are 2 decidedly simple, but not so easy ways to shrink your stomach. The first way to shrink your stomach is by strengthening your core with planks. Planks are done by assuming a push-up position on the floor, but resting on your forearms instead of your hands. You are then forced to contract your core musculature forcefully in order to prevent your body from sagging in the middle. Doing this exercise every day, is the most functional, and fastest way to shrink your stomach. I have seen personal results in just over a week. I would recommend starting with 1 set a day, and work your way up to one minute holds. When you can hold the plank fairly easily for one minute you should already be seeing results.

Shrink Your Stomach

The addition of planks to your daily routine will quickly shrink your stomach. To progress even further, I recommend adding sets, but do not go over 1 minute holds. Unless you are a highly trained athlete there is really no need for core endurance past the point of one minute plank holds. If you still want to further shrink your stomach after you can hold the plank for 3 sets of one minute each, then step it up a notch further. While creating the how much should I weigh program, I have now worked my way up to adding small increments of weight on my back as I hold the plank. This has really allowed me to shrink my stomach, and it can work wonders for you too. I would highly recommend lowering the hold time to 30 second sets once the weights are added. We are attempting to increase muscle tension, not muscular endurance. Muscular endurance will not help shrink your stomach like good old fashioned strength will!

Shrink Your Stomach Fast

The second way to shrink your stomach is actually even more difficult, but much more effective in the long term. It involves the systematic, and eventually permanent cutting of simple sugars from your diet. Virtually all carbohydrates, when ingested, cause extra retention of subcutaneous water. This water, when it is retained under the skin, can cause a bloating effect. This bloating effect is quite the opposite of what we are trying to do which is shrink your stomach. Of course, the worst offenders are the most unhealthy unnatural sugars such as cakes, candies, and pies. However, even whole grains, breads, and pastas will cause you to retain water if eaten too frequently, or at all in some people. By slowly, but surely eliminating these foods from your diet, and adding in healthy protein and fat, your body will slowly flush the excess water from under your skin. What is the result you ask? That is correct, it will shrink your waist! It just so happens that the long term effects of eliminating these foods are way more important than the short term. Simple sugars can lead to inflammation, and a host of other issues such as joint pain, and premature aging. So when faced with those issues you may as well begin eliminating those evil foods now, and reap the immediate benefits as well. Shrink your stomach, and you will look amazing in no time!